A Brief Look At My Website Stats

May 2009

Remember those days when people used to put website hit counters on their site (actually I still see this every so often)? These days we are more secretive about our stats, or we simply don’t see the need to share them openly with the rest of the world.

After checking my Google Analytics account recently, I thought it might be of interest to publicise some of my findings. So I selected 1 month, April 1st - April 30th 2009, and here are the findings.


Areas of interest
  • The most daily visits was on Monday April 20th (3,840)
  • The least daily visits was on Sunday April 5th (548)
  • Monday is the most popular day (usually the day I publish blog posts)
  • Sunday is the least popular day


Browser Stats
Areas of interest
  • The most popular browser was Firefox (65.64%) followed by Safari (12.42%) and Internet Explorer (12.17%)
  • Out of the 12.17% IE users, 17.82% used IE6 (1,037)
  • 3 users were using IE5.5
  • The most popular OS was Windows (64.38%) followed by Mac (31.10%)
  • 595 people visited my site on the iPhone, 124 on the iPod and 3 on the PS3
  • The most popular resolution was 1280x800 (19.09%)
  • 9.77% had a resolution of 1024x768 and 0.3% had a resolution of 800x600

Traffic sources

Areas of interest


Areas of interest


So what does all this mean?

  • Constantly writing useful blog posts on your site is a good idea
  • Writing guest posts for other sites can be useful
  • Being active on Twitter matters
  • Posting blog posts on the weekend isn't as effective as during the week
  • There are people who still use IE6
  • You can pretty much forget about having to design for 800x600 anymore. Most users have at least 1024x768 and higher resolutions
  • Remember people will access your site on different platforms, including mobile/iPhone
  • Submit your site & posts to social sites like Delicious and Stumbleupon
  • Twitter is a hot search topic at the minute

Of course these conclusions are only drawn from my readers. Things may be different for your site depending on your target market.

What are your stats like? What’s the oddest thing someone has searched for to find your site? How many people use IE6? Please share below.

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