Really simple responsive HTML email template

February 2014

I open sourced this email template on GitHub recently.


There are a bunch of great email template resources out there but I find most of them overkill for the use cases I have. Sometimes I just want a really simple email with a clear call to action.

Introducing the really simple html email template. I started off with Ink’s basic email template, stripped it down to the bare bones and made some minor modifications.

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How to use it (and inline CSS)

Unfortunately most email clients require your CSS to be inline. Or at least it should be inline if you want it to look right.

If you’re using a marketing service like Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp, they will usually put your CSS inline for you, so you can use the email.html template as is.

If you are sending HTML emails yourself or using a transactional email service like Mailgun, you’ll have to put the CSS inline first. When you’re done editing email.html use a tool like Responsive Email CSS Inliner to automatically put your CSS inline. You can see an example of the inlined email in email-inlined.html

In testing and production


Here’s a screenshot of it in production.


Download and contribute

You can clone it from GitHub or download the email template here

The repo already has a few contributions. Feel free to make any tweaks or fixes you feel necessary and submit a pull requests and if you’re using this on your own project I’d love to hear about it.

More useful email resources

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