New Years Resolutions For 2010

January 2010

Every year I take a look back at the past 12 months and set some goals for the year ahead. It’s good to get it down on paper (or screen) and by making it public there’s more chance of actually following through.

A look at the 2009 list

This time last year I set myself some goals. Take a look at 2009’s post.

Run another marathon Success: Ran the London Marathon although failed to beat last years time

Read more Success: Have read a good few books this year and started listening to audio books

Bungee jump Fail: Haven’t seen any about and didn’t try hard enough to find one

Learn to play the guitar Fail: Haven’t even touched it and it continues to gather dust

Go surfing Success: Surfed in Santa Cruz over summer

Spend less time on the computer Fail: Probably not

Blog more Success: Blogged quite a bit and did a load of guest posts

Speak at an event Success: Spoke at FOWD Belfast Tour and Barcamp Belfast

Launch a successful web application Pending: Launched Lookaly (and a few other side projects) which has grown and formed a super community around it but still a bit to go

Do something for charity Success: Thanks to some really generous and supportive people I raised over £2,000 for Action for Kids

Be an extra in a movie Success: Was an extra in a Mo Mowlam movie starring Julie Walters (to be on channel 4 in 2010)

Climb Kilimanjaro Fail: Never even got around to thinking about it

Secret resolution Success: Got engaged to Miss Suzy Smith

Also managed to tick off another objective from 2008, which was live away from home for at least 1 month, which I did by staying in San Francisco over the summer.

Goals for 2010

1. Bungee jump Find a bungee and jump

2. Be a yes man Be more like Danny Wallace (or Jim Carrey) and say yes more

3. Learn something new Take a class on something that doesn’t include programming or designing

4. Go to an international (i.e. outside of UK/Ireland) conference SXSW, Web 2.0, Le Web - something like that

5. Redesign this site Getting a bit outdated now and could do with a fresh coat of paint

6. Launch/design an iPhone app iPhone app design/dev is something I’ve still to look into

7. Review at least 1 book per month Hopefully this will encourage me to read more and take notes while doing so

8. Work with some really cool clients Fortunately I already do work with some really cool clients and I want to find and work with more who are working on exciting things

What are your goals?

There isn’t really anything too serious or extreme in there, everything is very doable.

What are your plans for 2010 and what did you accomplish in 2009?

Happy new year!

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