New Years Resolutions For 2009

December 2008

I had a nice few relaxing days away from the computer over Christmas. It was hard but I managed it. I ate loads of turkey and now I’m in the middle of all these sweets and chocolate that I ‘need’ to eat. Now comes the new year and the plan of action for 2009.

2008 list

I made a list last year of 5 things that I wanted to accomplish in 2008:

  • Launch a web application - Success: The Big Word Project
  • Run a marathon - Success: Belfast marathon (4h 43m)
  • Skydive - Success: Las Vegas during summer
  • Play a round of golf with Dad - Success: Fathers' Day
  • Live away from NI for at least 1 month - Fail: Didn't happen

So I accomplished 4 out of the 5 objectives. The living away from NI thing didn’t work out, mainly due to lack of time and money (both consequences of doing a Masters), although I did make it over to the States for a great 2 week holiday.

2009 list

I found it useful last year writing down what I wanted to accomplish in 2008 so this year I’m going to make my list public and maybe this will make me even more determined to accomplish everything.

This year I have 10 main objectives:

1. Run another marathon

My aim is to run a marathon faster than I did in 2008 (i.e. faster than 4h 43m). I was disappointed with last years result, my calves gave up after 18 miles so I need to train harder.

  • I've registered to run the London Marathon in April
2. Read more

I haven’t been reading as much lately mainly because I’m on the laptop too much. I need to make some time for this as there’s a lot of books I want to read.

  • The Articulate Executive
  • Tick My Boxes
  • The Unlimited Freelancer
3. Bungee jump

I did a skydive last year so why not do a bungee this year. If I face my fears I’ll have nothing to fear.

4. Learn to play the guitar

I bought an electric guitar 2 years ago and I never really learnt how to play it. Time to learn.

5. Go surfing

Something I’ve always wanted to do, and am kicking myself I didn’t do it during the summer when over in L.A. If I don’t make it somewhere cool to surf this year I’ll have to settle for Portrush.

6. Spend less time on the computer

Yes, spend less time on the computer. These days I wake up, open the laptop and apart from the odd break to travel to Uni or go to the gym I’m on it until the early hours of the morning. If I organise my time on the laptop a bit better I can make more time for other things, like the real world.

7. Blog more

I like writing interesting web design articles and I’ve been pretty consistent with my blogging as of late. In 2009 I’d like to write a couple of guest posts for other popular design blogs and also see if I can manage to get a post I write featured on the Digg homepage; that would be sweet.

8. Speak at an event

I enjoy sharing my knowledge and I believe being able to present and communicate well is important, so I’d like some more practice and experience at presenting

9. Launch a successful web application

An application that has its fair share of users, makes money and is fun to run.

  • Launched Lookaly in February. Success yet to be determined :)
10. Do something for charity

Help benefit a charity whether that be raising money or helping out in some way.

  • Raising money for Action for Kids as sponsorship for London Marathon.
Bonus: Be an extra in a movie, TV program or advert

Just something I’ve always wanted to do.

Bonus: Climb Kilimanjaro

I climbed Ben Nevis (highest mountain in UK) in 2008 so this is the next milestone. Whether 2009 is the year it will happen I don’t know yet.

What's your new years resolutions/plans?

Something you’ve always wanted to do? Get fit? Spend more time with friends? Learn a new programming language? Share your comments below.

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