Web Design Trends: Green & Renewable Websites

June 2009

These days the words renewable, fresh, organic, green etc. are used quite a bit and more and more brands and businesses are jumping on the ‘green’ band wagon (which is a good thing of course).

These are all words that I would also associate with the following websites. With the right colour scheme, using elements of nature e.g. grass and trees, adding some subtle paper backgrounds and using hand drawn graphics/text you can design a fresh ‘green’ website too.

1. Jiri Tvrdek

Jiri Tvrdek

2. Organic Supermarket

Organic Supermarket

3. Sprout Box

Sprout Box

4. Recycle Now

Recycle Now

5. Ecoki


6. Green Globe Ideas

Green Globe Ideas

7. Green Web Awards

Green Web Awards

8. Edenbee


9. Silverback


10. Carbonica


11. Red Brick Health

Red Brick Health

12. Mint


13. Osvaldas Valutis

Osvaldas Valutis

14. Opera Mage

Opera Mage

15. Glocal Ventures

Glocal Ventures

16. enviRenew


17. Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose

18. Bikevasion


19. 53 Mondays

53 Mondays

20. Envira Media

Envira Media

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