Future of Web Apps London 2008

October 2008

The Future of Web Apps is happening in London next week, 8th-10th October, and I’m going to me there. I was at the Future of Web Design back in April, and hopefully just like then I’ll be full of inspiration and ideas by the end of the week.

The Future of Web Apps is an event looking at today’s popular online apps and what’s next on the web. Topics covered include app interface design, online communities, entrepreneurship, mobile apps and there will be a live TechCrunch pitch and live Diggnation.


There’s a great lineup for the event, some big heavyweights in the industry.

Of course there’s a lot of other speakers I can’t wait to hear from, but these are the few that stood out.

See you there?

Anyone else for the FOWA? Let me know so we can chat over a (free) beer :)

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