15 Awesome T-shirt Websites For Geeks

November 2008

Us geeks love our T-shirts. Creative and nerdy ways to tell others what computer we use, what presidential candidate we support and what decade we were born - rock!

Apple - The First 30 Years

Here’s my pick of 15 awesome websites of T-shirts that tell others how geeky cool we are.

1. Bad Designer Threads

Bad Designer Threads

2. Insanely Great Tees

Insanely Great Tees

3. The Mozilla Store

The Mozilla Store

4. Threadless


5. Cosmic Soda

Cosmic Soda

6. Oddica


7. Cult Classic Ts

Cult Classic Ts

8. Type Tees

Type Tees

9. Busted Tees

Busted Tees

10. Dirty Coast

Dirty Coast

11. Cafe Press

Cafe Press

12. Base Acid

Base Acid

13. Red Is White

Red Is White

14. One Horse Shy

One Horse Shy

15. Tee And Toast

Tee And Toast

Show us your tees

Have a few geek shirts? Show us what you have. Head over to the ‘Geek Shirt’ Flickr group and post your photos of you and your favorite shirt. Let me know of any other cool T-shirt websites so I can check them out.

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