About Lee Munroe

Lee Munroe

As a product designer & web developer I focus on designing and shipping web, mobile & desktop applications that solve problems and offer users an enjoyable experience.

My workflow will typically involve product discovery and planning, customer research, rapid prototyping & validation, usability testing, UI design, frontend HTML/CSS and working closely with engineering and product teams. Here are the tools I use.

I write production-ready HTML, CSS and Javascript and am comfortable working with Ruby, PHP and Node.js stacks. Check out my portfolio or GitHub for examples of my work, products I've built and code I've written.

I take a lean agile approach to product design, using research and data to help guide design decisions early in the process, continuously validating assumptions & iterating.

I have a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Design from University of Ulster Belfast and am currently Product Design Manager at Mesosphere in San Francisco, building a data center operating system for large enterprise companies. Previously I have led design and frontend teams at Mailgun by Rackspace, Kareo and Runnable, was Founder of Lookaly and created HTML Email and Codeshare.

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Design Skillset

  • User Experience Design
  • Interface Design
  • Lean Product Development
  • Leading & Managing Design Teams
  • Mobile & Responsive Design

Development Background

  • I am a designer that can code
  • Primarily frontend: HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript
  • Comfortable with backend: Rails, Node.js, PHP
  • Other dev skills: Git, Email, Wordpress, Ghost
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Blog posts I like to read more than once…

Books I like to read more than once…

  1. Lean Startup
  2. Undercover User Experience Design
  3. Lean Analytics
  4. HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions
  5. Rework
  6. Linchpin
  7. Outliers
  8. Inspired: How to create products customers love
  9. Start With Why
  10. Nudge
  11. The Honest Truth About Dishonesty
  12. Purple Cow
  13. 4-Hour Body