Book Review: HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions: A Web Standardistas' Approach

September 2009

Every so often I will receive an email that asks the following:

How can I learn how to build websites?

There are two approaches you can take to learning how to build websites.

  1. Learn how to build websites
  2. Learn how to build websites the right way, aka the Web Standardistas' way
Web Standardistas

I built my first website over 10 years ago but it wasn’t until final year of my University degree course Interactive Multimedia Design (IMD) that I discovered how to build sites properly using well structured HTML and CSS. Before this I was using tables, unstructured markup and invalid HTML. Who do I have to thank for this? Chris Murphy and Nicklas Persson, two lecturers on the IMD course.

Now you don’t have to take a University course to be taught by these two world renowned mentors. They have branded themselves as the Standardistas and have put all their years of wisdom and knowledge on paper in the form of HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions: A Web Standardistas’ Approach.

This book will teach you how to build websites from scratch. Starting with the basics of semantic markup and how web pages work moving onto styling your first web page with CSS. It’s a one stop shop for putting together your first web site.

Who is it for?

  • People who want to learn how to build websites
  • Developers who need to brush up their front end markup skills
  • Designers who are using outdated techniques e.g. tables, to build websites
  • Professionals who want to earn the badge of a Web Standardista

Benefits of the Web Standardistas' approach

  • Separates content and presentation (easier to update layouts)
  • Reduced markup (reducing page download times)
  • Increased accessibility (for screen readers and other platforms)
  • Cross browser compatibility
  • Forward compatibility


It’s an easily read book, clearly laid out with lots of code examples to help you get started. After reading this you’ll be able to build websites with your eyes closed.

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