Web Design Trends: Sunbursts and Sun Rays

December 2008

Sunbursts are a very popular design trend within web and graphic design. A sunburst represents sun rays (or beams) exploding from a source point. They’re a Web 2.0 trend but they tend to work well with other graphical elements.

This post looks at how to create your own sunbursts, using existing Photoshop shapes and brushes and I’ve showcased 15 beautiful websites that include the sunburst effect in some shape or form.


Sunburst Photoshop tutorial and resources

Sunburst/sun ray tutorial

Thanks to Iceflow Studios for the video tutorial.

Photoshop sunburst brushes
Photoshop brushes
Photoshop sunburst shapes
Photoshop shapes

Showcase of beautiful websites using the sunburst effect

1. No Milk Today
No Milk Today
2. That Indie Dude
That Indie Dude
3. SMS Parking
SMS Parking
4. Yo Vivo en Vigo
Yo Vivo en Vigo
5. i Menestrelli di Graelion
i Menestrelli di Graelion
6. Ciclismo Urbano
Ciclismo Urbano
7. The Relevant Elephant
The Relevant Elephant
8. Future of Web Design New York
Future of Web Design New York
9. Jared Campbell
Jared Campbell
10. Kindle
11. Morgan Hayes
12. SR28
13. Phizz
14. Glass Hills
Glass Hills
15. Poll Daddy
Poll Daddy

Any thoughts on the sunburst trend? Do you like it, hate it, use it?

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