Web Design Trends: Stars and Aurora Effect

February 2009

Arguably this trend was made popular after the release of Apple Leopard OSX and it’s groovy auroral/starry branding. Adding this simple effect to your background or header can make a very plain dark web design come to life.

Stars Aurora

Check out this list of 20 websites using these effects plus a few helpful tutorials.

1. 45royale


2. Skylar Anderson

Skylar Anderson

3. Dale Anthony

Dale Anthony

4. Elite by Design

Elite by Design

5. Fernando Sergio

Fernando Sergio

6. Dorian Castro

Dorian Castro

7. 365 Days of Astronomy

365 Days of Astronomy

8. Studio 7 Designs

Studio 7 Designs

9. Exceptional


10. Abduzeedo


11. Oakes Design

Oakes Design

12. Brian Wilkins

Brian Wilkins

13. Kitfolio


14. Rawkes


15. Evan Eckard

Evan Eckard

16. You Love Us

You Love Us

17. RJ Designz

RJ Designz

18. Revyver Labs

Revyver Labs

19. Mail Chimp

Mail Chimp

20. Tennessee Winter

Tennessee Winter


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