Book Review: Tick My Boxes

February 2009

I can’t remember where exactly, but I came across this while browsing the web one day and it caught my attention as I’d been thinking for some time now about having a checklist for projects. And here it is. Tick My Boxes, The Web Developers’ Checklist.

Tick My Boxes

The book is by Leon Brocard and Jake Brumby and they provide you with an easy to follow checklist for a web project start to finish. Requirements and brief to design through to launch and all the stages in between and they offer lots of useful tips along the way like usability advice and optimisation techniques. It is broken down into a 100 point checklist in total, with a good explanation of each.

This book is a very easy read and I would recommend it to beginners, junior designers/developers and students. Most experienced designers would or should know this stuff but it wouldn’t do any harm to take a look and have a precise checklist to go by.

I read it over a weekend but you could read it in a few hours easily. It’s not one of those books that you’ll read then let gather dust on the bookshelf though as you’ll find it very useful to keep by your side, ensuring your projects’ checklist is complete.

You can buy it online, although LuLu (the publisher) was looking to charge me £50 for P&P so I contacted the authors and they were kind enough to reply promptly saying they could send me a copy for £9 + £3 P&P, which was nice of them. It’s now also available for PDF download, which is handy.

So Tick My Boxes is highly recommended. Very useful, easy to read book.

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