Technologies of the future

February 2008

I came across an interesting article recently on the Sky news website showcasing several predicted technologies of the future and am amazed at some of the stuff thatโ€™s in the pipeline.

1. Digital eye


Cameras will be small enough to insert into the eye (like a contact lens). Not only will you be able to take pictures wherever you go, users will be able to login into your sight, with the powers of Wi-Fi, and you'll be able to share your vision with the world.

2. Smart clothes

Smart Clothes

Forgot your phone charger again? It's alright because you'll be able to charge your phone with your clothes. Micro generators embedded in your clothes will allow for your movements to turn into power, even enough to give an attacker a small electric shock.

3. Digital graffiti


Leave your mark anywhere in the world without leaving a stain with this digital spray can.

4. Nanobots everywhere


It is predicted that in the future we will have nanobots injected into our bodies. Introducing the 'Nano door', a door that when you walk through, you can program your body-sculpting nanobots. Woke up too late to have a shave? Shave yourself in 1 second. Going for a walk on the beach? Add some skin treads to your feet to make it easier to walk.

5. First life

First life

Taking Second Life into the real world, by wearing a holographic monocle you can have the social community website feel on the street by viewing people's stats, avatars, preferences, hates etc.



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