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February 2009

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve just completed a masters in Multidisciplinary Design. And apart from The Big Word Project, Web Designire, blogging etc. I’ve been working away on something special. That something special has now been launched. Introducing Lookaly.

What is Lookaly?

Lookaly is an online business directory that lets you rate and review businesses. The objective is to allow you to find the best businesses and services in your area based on ‘the wisdom of crowds’ i.e. feedback from others.


What's in it for businesses?

Businesses can add themselves for free. Yes, free! If you own a business or are associated with a business, by adding yours you will get a:

  • Free directory listing
  • Free web page
  • Free link to your website

What makes Lookaly so special?

Apart from being beautifully crafted and really easy to use ;) Lookaly is all about helping to promote the best businesses and services in your area. By allowing anyone to signup and review, you can make informed decisions about what restaurant serves good steak or what cinema has comfortable seats.


You can also follow and share reviews with family and friends. Lookaly has a social networking platform so you can setup your own profile and follow your friends, keeping you up-to-date with their latest reviews.


Lookaly was developed by James Gallagher and myself (Lee Munroe). There are a lot of business directories out there but we found them really awkward or depressing to use. Trying to find a list of good recommendations for sandwich bars or coffee shops in Belfast, for example, didn’t seem to be possible. So we made it possible.

Most people now look up businesses online these days but because other directories charge upwards of £120/yr to get listed, there are tens of thousands of businesses missing out. So by offering a free listing service, we’re allowing every business from self employed tradesmen to global Hotel franchises to get listed and found online.

What now?

Check out Lookaly, signup and start reviewing.

For the month of February we’re putting an iPod up for grabs. For a chance to win the iPod, all you need to do is review a business and you’ll be entered into the draw.

We’re currently targeting Northern Ireland businesses but if you’re based in Ireland, England, Scotland, USA or anywhere else feel free to add your business and try it out. You still get your own webpage and link to your website.

Any feedback you want to provide please do.


Thanks to everyone who helped test out the app; Paddy, Kyle, Chris, Nick, Andy, Marty, Barry, Andrew, Brian, Liam, Jonny, James Boyce and other family and friends who helped out.

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