By , February 2012

Twit Amore - Who do you love on Twitter?

In the spirit of building and shipping more projects, I launched a little web app to coincide with Valentine's Day, Twit Amore.

It's not going to change the world, but it will tell you who you love on Twitter.

It's a light humoured Rails app that uses the Twitter API to look up your profile and calculate who you "love". Read more about how it works.


It managed to pick up a bit of activity after launching on Friday, and got some viral spread over the weekend with lots of chatter on Twitter. Here's an early insight into the analytics.



As of writing this over 100,000 people have been "matched".

It's no surprise that most celebrities love themselves, but every so often there will be one or two surprises.




Check out Twit Amore and have some fun looking up your friends for Valentine's Day.

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